Nils Ahrens

Seit 2008 co-ordiniere ich als Maschinenbauingenieur weltweit bei einem der größten Industrieunternehmen der Welt alle Expediting-Aktivitäten für den Einkauf der Großkomponenten für Gas- und Dampfkraftwerke. Das beinhaltet die Kontrolle des Projektfortschritts in Bezug auf Qualität und Termin, die Verfolgung von Beschleunigungs- und Korrekturmaßnahmen, sowie das Veranlassung und Verfolgung präventiver und korrektiver Maßnahmen beim Lieferanten. Das direkt von mir verantwortende Budget umfasst je Projekt ca. 1 Mio Euro. Zusätzlich qualifiziere ich als Lead Auditor nach 9001:2008 Lieferanten. Meine Position ist im Supply Chain Management des Unternehmens angesiedelt.

I am a Mechanical Engineer currently employed in the Energy Supply Chain Management Division at Siemens AG. For the last 8 years I have been co-ordinating all expediting activities for the purchase and procurement of major components for gas and steam power plants worldwide in terms of process and performance measurements.

I am responsible for monitoring project progress in terms of quality and scheduling, tracking of acceleration and corrective actions, as well as the initiation and pursuit of preventive and corrective measures at the supplier. Thus, I am responsible for the budget and report direct to the projectdirector.

In addition, as a Lead Auditor my role is to qualify new suppliers for new technologies developed by Siemens. These processes are partially "first of its kind". The qualification of potential suppliers includes the full range of audit planning, for which I am responsible   My job begins with an initial review of the capabilities of the potential suppliers to manufacture the required quality according to the given specifications. The selection process which follows, consists of various quality gates.

The suppliers are monitored starting from the moment they are awarded the contract. They are assessed as to whether they drive their own procurement activities, their production meets the standard and they are also checked for quality. This includes developing and optimizing appropriated methods as well as to establish them.

Nils Ahrens